Final papers of the Third NDC Conference

Forthcoming in a World Bank volume

01.08.2019 - The final papers from the Third NDC Conference are now available. They will be published by the World Bank later in the year, in a volume edited by Robert Holzman, Edward Palmer, Robert Palacios and Stefano Sacchi.

The Third NDC Conference on Non-Financial Defined Contribution pension schemes took place in Rome in October 2017, hosted by INAPP, which organized it together with the World Bank and the Swedish Pensions Agency. It involved about 100 social security experts from all over the world.


Paper finali della Third NDC Conference

Di prossima pubblicazione in un volume World Bank

Disponibili i paper finali della Terza Conferenza Internazionale “Non-Financial Defined Contribution Schemes” (NDC), sui sistemi pensionistici di tipo contributivo, a ripartizione e contribuzione definita. I paper saranno pubblicati nel corso dell'anno dalla Banca Mondiale, in un volume a cura di Robert Holzman, Edward Palmer, Robert Palacios e Stefano Sacchi.

La Terza Conferenza Internazionale sui “Non-Financial Defined Contribution Schemes” ha avuto luogo nell'ottobre 2017 a Roma, presso l'Auditorium INAPP. Alla conferenza, organizzata da INAPP con la Banca Mondiale e l'Agenzia svedese delle pensioni, hanno partecipato un centinaio di esperti di sistemi di protezione sociale, provenienti da tutto il mondo.

 The Swedish NDC Scheme: Success on Track with Room for Reflection, Edward Palmer, Bo Könberg

The Latvian NDC Scheme: Success Under a Decreasing Labor Force, Edward Palmer, Sandra Stabina

The Italian NDC Scheme: Evolution and Remaining Potholes, Sandro Gronchi, Sergio Nisticò, Mirko Bevilacqua

The Polish NDC Scheme: Success in the Face of Adversity, Sonia Buchholtz, Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak, Marek Góra

The Norwegian NDC Scheme: Balancing Risk Sharing and Redistribution, Nils Martin Stølen, Dennis Fredriksen, Erik Hernæs, Erling Holmøy

The Greek Pension Reforms: Crises and NDC Attempts Awaiting Completion, Milton Nektarios, Platon Tinios

NDC: The Generic Old-Age Pension Scheme, Marek Góra, Edward Palmer

The ABCs of NDCs, Robert Holzmann

Sweden: Adjoining the Guarantee Pension with NDC, Kenneth Nelson, Rense Nieuwenhuis, Susanne Alm

Chile's Solidarity Pillar: A Benchmark for Adjoining Zero Pillar with DC Schemes, Eduardo Fajnzylber

Overview on Heterogeneity in Longevity and Pension Schemes, Ron Lee Miguel, Sanchez-Romero

Annuities in (N)DC Pension Schemes: Design, Heterogeneity and Estimation Issues, Edward Palmer, Yuwei Zhao de Gosson de Varennes

NDC Schemes and Heterogeneity in Longevity: Proposals for Redesign, Robert Holzmann, Jennifer Alonso-García, Heloise Labit-Hardy, Andrés M. Villegas

NDC Schemes and the Labor Market: Issues and Options, Robert Holzmann, David Robalino, Hernan Winkler

Labor Market Participation and Postponed Retirement in Central and Eastern Europe, Robert I. Gal, Márta Radó

Gender and Family: Conceptual Overview, Nicholas Barr

Drivers of the Gender Gap in Pensions: Evidence from EU-SILC and the OECD Pension Model, Maciej Lis, Boele Bonthuis

The Impact of Lifetime Events on Pensions: NDC Schemes in Poland, Italy, and Sweden and the Point Scheme in Germany, Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak, Marek Góra, Irena E. Kotowska, Iga Magda, Anna Ruzik-Sierdzińska, Paweł Strzelecki

Bridging Partner Lifecycle Earnings and Pension Gaps by Sharing NDC Accounts, Anna Klerby, Bo Larsson, Edward Palmer

Administrative Requirements and Prospects for Universal NDCs in Emerging Economies, Robert Palacios

The Notional and the Real in China’s Pension Reforms, Bei Lu, John Piggott, Bingwen Zheng

Harnessing a Young Nation's Demographic Dividends through a Universal NDC Pension Scheme: A Case Study of Tanzania, Bo Larsson, Vincent Leyaro, Edward Palmer

Communicating NEST Pensions for “New” DC Savers in the United Kingdom, Will Sandbrook, Ranila Ravi-Burslem

Information and Financial Literacy for Socially Sustainable NDCPension Schemes, Elsa Fornero, Noemi Oggero, Riccardo Puglisi

Sweden’s Fifteen Years of Communication Efforts, María del Carmen Boado-Penas, Ole Settergren, Erland Ekheden, Poontavika Naka

Setting Up a Communication Package for the Italian NDC, Tito Boeri, Maria Cozzolino, Edoardo Di Porto

The Politics of NDC Pension Scheme Diffusion: Constraints and Drivers, Igor Guardiancich, R. Kent Weaver, Gustavo Demarco, Mark C. Dorfman

Pensions in a Globalizing World: How Do (N)DC and (N)DB Schemes Fare and Compare on Portability and Taxation?, Bernd Gense, Robert Holzmann

Developing Coherent Pension Systems: Design Issues for Private Pension Supplements to NDC Schemes, William Price